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  • Timberland Floors is a site dedicated to selling only tavern or character grade hardwood. Some of the products we carry do have a short factory warranty, but under no circumstances do we honor or replace a product because of the quality. We sell totally as is, no exceptions. Please know that the product you are purchasing is a discounted price, but you as our customer must realise that these products are second quality. You will have knots, mineral streaks and other flaws. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers. So please know that the price on these products will be very good but you will have more waste to reach the look you want unless you like a rustic look. If you have a manufacturer, color or style in mind please feel free to call us and let us try to find that product for you.


  • We are a custom minded business and we try to help our customer find the color and look you desire.We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. When purchasing a tavern grade please remember to purchase an extra 10% overage to insure that that your floor does not have to much character or to many short boards. Some products may take two to three weeks for delivery to your home. Please keep in mind when installing this product, first be present when installers work to make sure you open each box for mixture, color and grain. Also, please make sure you put your product in the room where it will be installed 72 hours before installing for acclimation. This product is produced at the Armstrong/Bruce factory, but it will come in a clearly marked timberland boxes.


  • Pictures on the website are just for reference and products should not be ordered from pictures.  Please see a sample before ordering.  We are not responsible for orders that DO NOT match pictures.  It is the responsibility of you the customer to make sure the product you are ordering is fit for you project.


  • There is a no return policy on all moldings, so please double check with your installer and make sure you order the right transitions. Trim and transitions are not guaranteed to match perfectly.  Since hardwood has a lot of variation, the transition pieces are designed to blend with the flooring, and not always match.  We will will not accept moldings back that have been cut, even if the wrong ones were sent.





  • There’s no need to drive all the way to Georgia to pick up your wood.  We also ship to the lower 48 states. We will give you a tracking number, and all residential delivery customers will receive a phone call one day ahead of delivery to schedule a time.


  • Most all residential deliveries are CURB-SIDE deliveries by a transfer truck, so please note that a residential delivery does not include the product being brought inside the house or even unloaded off the truck. We use common carriers on all our shipments, so the drivers are not required to unload it, but some may help. The cartons must be taken off the pallet one by one, unless a forklift is present. A liftgate and inside delivery can be requested, but additional fees do apply.  If you are unsure that a 53 foot transfer truck can drive down your road or in your neighborhood, be prepared to meet the driver at a safe location to offload the freight.


  • Even though we strive to make sure that your product gets there all in one piece, sometimes cartons do get damaged along the way. If this happens, make sure to make a note of every carton damaged on the driver’s delivery receipt otherwise we cannot help with the damaged boxes.  Our Freight Carriers require that we salvage all the good material in the boxes, so do not refuse any damaged boxes.  Only refuse the entire shipment, if the entire shipment is destroyed.  The replacement cartons will have to equal the DAMAGED UNUSABLE PORTION to the nearest greater number of cartons.  Example:  If there are three cartons damaged, but only 10 individual boards are damaged b/w the three, we will send you one carton.  Any material that is damaged on the ends will not be counted as damaged material, but as waste, and will not be replaced because it can be cut and used against the walls.  Please check to make sure that all the cartons are the correct material at the time of delivery.  In any case, please discuss discrepancies with your salesman before refusing any material.


  • WE DO NOT DELIVER ON SATURDAYS OR SUNDAYS!  Shipping typically takes b/w 5-10 business days, and in some rare cases even longer. So please check with your salesperson for an estimated shipping time period.


Jurisdiction & Venue

  • Jurisdiction and venue for any actions arising from a purchase or transaction shall be Bartow County, Georgia regardless of the Parties’ place of business or residency, or the material’s shipping point.

Timberland Product Description and Warranty Detail

This material is intended to provide Armstrong’s Sales Team, Distributors and
Customers with a clear and concise description of the Timberland products offered by
Armstrong and to provide some details which can be used to describe, position and sell
these products to consumers and other end-customers.
The term “Off-goods” is the generic term used to describe the products that do not meet
our 1st Quality grade standards. However, you may hear other terms used in reference
to these products. “Seconds” is another common overall term. In the hardwood flooring
industry, the terms “Cabin” and “Tavern” grade are also used.
“Cabin” typically refers to engineered hardwood floors in the off-goods category.
“Tavern” typically refers to solid hardwood flooring. There is no real difference between
any of these grade standards or names and many participants in the industry may use
them interchangeably (even Armstrong, on occasion). However, in all cases, these
terms refer to off-goods.
Timberland Off-goods Products
Although there are a few, rare exceptions in which we may have off-goods products
packaged in a Bruce, Armstrong, Robbins or plain carton, 99.9% of the time at
Armstrong our off-goods products are sold under the Timberland brand name and
Timberland product collection.
The Timberland Off-goods Collection is intended to be an economy grade of flooring.
This means that the minimum standard for acceptance per our grading rules is that the
majority of the floor must generally be “installable” and “serviceable”. In other words, it
must be able to be fit together and be secured to the sub-floor using one or more of the
recommended installation methods for that type of flooring (see Installation Instructions).
Significant additional effort or special accommodations may be required in many cases
to address specific types of defects (e.g. weighting-down end-lifted boards, cutting
defects, puttying knots and holes, etc.).
All Timberland Off-goods flooring is sold “AS-IS, No Warranty” unless it is specifically
designated and labeled as part of the “Value Grade” collection within Timberland (see
the section on the “Timberland Value Grade Collection” that follows for details). In the
case of Value Grade products, the product specifications are identical but the floors
carry a limited “finish wear-thru only” warranty.
As an economy grade of flooring, all Timberland products will contain a variety of
characteristics which are either naturally-occurring within the wood itself or the result of
milling, manufacturing, grading or finishing processes. These characteristics are not
considered defects under the grading standards for the “Timberland Collection” and may
include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Variation or inconsistencies in stain color or color variation within the wood itself including
mineral streaks and other discoloration of the wood. This includes variation or
differences between the color of the floor and any samples, displays, photographs,
literature, etc. of the floor seen prior to or after purchase. In extreme cases, this may also

include boards or portions of boards that have no stain and/or a completely different stain
color than the corresponding first quality SKU, product or color standard.
• Variation or inconsistencies in the wood including large or small knots (open, closed or
filled), dents, checks, worm holes, bark pockets, veneer checks/splits and open character
(e.g. on engineered floors in which the second layer of veneer is visible through the first
layer), etc. Wood filler or putty is permitted and might be used throughout the product to
correct any of these characteristics or inconsistencies.
• Variation or inconsistencies in finish or gloss level including rough-finish, finish thickness
variations (including missing finish on boards), “orange peel”, finish checks/splits, sander
burns or dips, etc. This includes a gloss level on the product which varies from board to
board or differs from the original product standard.
• Variations and/or inconsistencies in width, thickness, bevels, edge and end profiles, etc.
This would include “pistol-grip”, narrow ends, etc. It would also include much heavier or
lighter bevels than the first quality products or bevels that are different on one side or end
of a board vs. the other.
• Variations and/or inconsistencies in tongue and groove width and thickness (including
missing tongues along part or all of a board).
• Out-of-square or mis-cut ends.
• Edge, end or corner breakage or chipping.
• Bent, warped, crooked or bowed boards.
• Cartons containing a significant number of “shorts”, or boards at, or shorter than, the
lower-end of the length specifications for that product (e.g. 6-8” in the case of most ¾”
and 5/16” solid products)
• “Crayon” or grease-pen marks on the face, sides and back of the product itself or on the
cartons or boxes.
• Any other physical or visual variation or characteristic which does not seriously prevent
the installation of the floor or render the floor unusable once installed (i.e. unserviceable).
The term “seriously prevent” means that the flooring is such that a professional,
experienced installer using ALL the tools and techniques at his disposal (including cutting
of boards, using weights, straps, levers, routers, saws and other power and hand tools,
etc.) is unable to install the floor without regard to the amount of time required to do so.
All of the preceding characteristics are allowable and to be expected in ALL products
within the Timberland Collection. Under no circumstances will any of these be
considered “defects” in the product or workmanship. Nor shall any of the preceding be
considered as the basis for a return, claim for repair, replacement, refund or any other
type of compensation of any kind that may be claimed under any warranty (expressed or
implied), service policy, etc.
Without limiting or modifying the language or information in the preceding paragraphs,
the following is often a general guideline for installation quantities and estimates.
It is expected that the installer will normally have to sort out, cut or remove up to 20% or
more of the total material in the cartons to complete the finished floor. In reality, in
many cases the installer may find that they have minimal scrap or material that cannot
be used on the job. However, we use 20% as a general guideline. That 20% should be
calculated over the entire amount of material purchased- not on a carton-by-carton

Timberland Value Grade Collection
The “Value Grade” products within Timberland do carry a warranty. Products that carry
the “Value Grade” designation typically have a 5-year finish wear-through warranty. This
means that Armstrong warrants that the factory-applied finish on the product will not
wear-though to the bare wood under normal household use and when installed and
maintained in accordance with our installation, care and maintenance guidelines,
recommendations and instructions for a period of 5 years (or other term stipulated on the
carton or label). This finish wear-thru warranty only applies to boards which are
received by the purchaser with a factory-applied finish.
Other than that, however, the Value Grade products are identical to the standard, nonwarranted
Timberland products. In other words, Value Grade is simply Timberland Offgoods
with a limited finish wear-though warranty.
IMPORTANT NOTE- As detailed previously in this document, all off-goods products
are sold under the Timberland brand name. In selling these products, Armstrong
requires that under no circumstances will the purchaser of the products sell, market,
advertise or in any way present or represent any Timberland or other off-goods products
as a Bruce, Armstrong, Robbins or other Armstrong-branded product. This applies to
any and all marketing or sales materials or other communications in-store, on-line, in
print or any other communications or advertising method or medium.